The American Dream

by: Jake Emond, Logan Flaskamp, and Garrett Holets

What is the American Dream

A lot of people are still coming to America to live there lives in the “American Dream” every day. They think that the American dream can be accomplished just by coming to America but you have to work to achieve your own American dream, no matter what it is.

Today's Events

Today there are lots of ways to live the American Dream. There are millionaires that are using their money to live the "American Dream". There are also poor people that say that just being with their families is the American Dream. Along with both of those there are people that claim they aren't living the American dream that are targeting the rich people for money that they "stole".

"American Dream" in modern time

Today the American dream is still being achieved but is now limited. In the past people could come over to the U.S. freely. Today if you don't get legalized as a citizen you could be literally kicked out of the country. It is common for Mexican people, or people from 2nd or 3rd world countries to try to come here illegally to live their American Dream

Evidence From Book

John Steinbeck says, “ ‘Dear Editor:’ Slim reads slowly ‘I read your mag for six years and I think it is best on the market. I like stories by Peter Rand. I think he is whing-ding. Give us more like the Dark Rider. I don’t write many letters. Just thought I would tell you I think your mag is the best dime’s worth I ever spent.’ ” (46).

Major Theme

Theme: On the hunt for the american dream

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Connection to BIG IDEA: it explains a man's father's hunt for the american dream