Tech Tidbits

November 2013

New Teacher Computers

Wondering where the new teacher computers everyone's been talking about are? Technically, they are here, in the building, on the premises...where they are not, unfortunately, are yet on your desks. Not to bore you with a lot of programming information I only pretend to understand myself, the programmers contracted by the District to work specifically on this roll out project have left the state and country. Literally. I believe Australia and Arizona are their new homes. At the November 14th tech teacher meeting, it was announced that Anoka-Hennepin is the company's first ever, global client to attempt a roll out implementation of the updated software, which is why such extensive testing was needed and they think all bugs have been discovered. Now time is needed to fix those defects.

Plan B? Desktop Services is hoping to have a plan within the week to avoid further delay in the new computers continuing to sit in their boxes. Everyone's patience is greatly appreciated.

With new teacher computers comes an upgrade to Microsoft Office 2011!

Students using AHApps

All the 4th and 5th grade students have activated their AHApps accounts and started using them in their Research class. This is a really exciting option to replace their server folders and having to carry around flash drives. Everyone in Anoka-Hennepin, students and staff, have AHApps accounts already created. If you would like to know how to access yours, or use AHApps accounts with your students, please see me!

New spelling flipcharts due to be available on PrometheanShare site December 4th.

Lincoln Tech Committee

The tech committee is scheduled to meet Monday, Nov. 14th. Mike will provide an update on the status and inventory of student laptops in the building.