Come to Chicago, Illinois!

Do you like going places surrounded by water and famous for Its museums also the home of walt Disney ?If you do then come to Chicago Illinois.


its relative location is positioned in the northern and western hemisphere, east north of the central region. its exact location is 41º 88 north 87º63 west.

Physical/Human characteristics

Chicago is in the north central region. Its average tempter a year is 50º fahrenheit so make sure to bring something warm. Next to Chicago is lake Michigan at 307 miles long. Also the wills tower is the tallest building in the western hemisphere at 110 stories high.

human/environment interactions and movement

But look out for pollution! The air pollution is moderate as well as the water pollution. You might not know, but their exports are about4 million dollars a year.The imports are 10-12 million dollars a year.the top companies using the port of Chicago ,Ill are International America, European imports, ThyssenKrupp steel and the final one is Corus America.

That is why i think you should go to Chicago Illinois.