PBIS 2016-2017

Bringing the Green!

Data is the Difference!

This year we are going digital and using data for PBIS! As we transition to our digital format we will be sharing with you how to use the forms. It should make keeping up with discipline, interventions, and behavioral data a lot more user friendly. Hopefully, this will also make tracking students from year to year easier. The PBIS team hopes you will be as excited about using this new format as we are about creating it!

PBIS Universal Chart

There is digital chart available for you to input your PBIS data - who is on blue, what they did to get on red, whose class is eligible for the celebration and so on! Please use it, tweek it to meet your needs, and share it with the rest of SWMS. We can make this the best PBIS year yet! http://tinyurl.com/z6ckzyx


Jennifer Hardy, Philip Hollinger, Catharine Knapp, Jaime Smith, Heather Mustach, Nicole Maldonado, Job Armenta, Alyssa Kargbo, Laura Kight