Mrs. Wells' Reader

October 12th-16th

Topics This Week

Reading-Introduction to Nonfiction Text Features

Math-We will be reviewing addition and subtraction, and then the students will take their assessment on Wednesday. We will grade it as a class, and they will track it in their Data Binder. We will then introduce geometry and perimeter.

Science-Begin working on learning the function of the following plant structures as it relates to the survival of plants in their environments:

Roots – absorb nutrients

Stems – provide support

Leaves – synthesize food

Flowers – attract pollinators and produce seeds for reproduction

Fundations-We are going to work some more with Unit 2 this week, and they will take their Unit 2 assessment on Friday.

Writing-The students are going to work with Jobs Paws to learn about what careers they might be interested in, and then write their own career goal.

Math Help

Below is a video that might help you when your child is working on their homework this week as well as a review before their assessment on Wednesday. The first part of the video models adding and subtracting with place value disks, which is a strategy we use in the classroom.
Place Value (Number Disks with Place Value Charts)


Students need to bring in a pair of personal headphones starting Tuesday, September 29th. They will be kept in a baggie with their name on it, and place in a bucket by their seat group. This is for them to use throughout the day with the Chrome Books.

Fun Run Help Needed


We’re raising funds for the Claxton PTO to support programs such as the playground initiative, teacher grants, classroom supplies, A+ Arts Cultural Events, and so much more!

This year’s FALL MAIN FUNDRAISER is the Claxton Fun Run! Hosting a Fun Run means there is no selling or delivering products. Family and friends anywhere in the world can support our school by giving pledges toward the number of laps your student will run on the day of the Fun Run on October 15th, Thursday during the school day!

Event Times

Pep Rally- October 6th- Claxton Gym

K-2nd Grade- 1:15pm

3-5th- Grade- 2pm

Fun Run Day- October 15th- Memorial Stadium (above McCormick Baseball Field)

K-2nd Grade- 9:15am

3-5th Grade- 10:15am

Our Fun Run program will last about 2 weeks—from October 6th- October 15th. Students will experience an exciting Pep Rally, families will have time to get pledges, and on the last day, students will run in the Fun Run! Every student, no matter financial participation, is invited to run in the Fun Run.

How Can You Support Claxton?

#1. Register your child on

#2. Reach out to sponsors—friends and family who could donate to help our school.

#3 Ask your child about the BIG WORLD RECESS Character Play of the day.

#4 Come cheer on your student at the Fun Run on October 15th at Memorial Stadium.Parents invited and encourage to come out to watch the event!!

More information will come home with your child prior to the event.

This is the major fundraising event for the year!

Thanks in advance for supporting Claxton PTO

Classroom Blog

Above is our class blog website. The students will be using this website a lot to work on their assignments at school, and will have the option to work on them at home as well.

Upcoming Dates

  • October 14th-Data Binders go home
  • October 15th-Fun Run
  • October 16th-Early Release Day and School Pictures
  • October 26th and 27th-Teacher Workdays
  • October 30th-Fall Carnival from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm