Ms. Gabos' Newsletter

Week of Monday, April 1st

This Week in Room 508:

This week we will continue to learn and implement reading strategies for unfamiliar words in our text.
We will begin a new math choice board, the students will be comparing quantities and using the vocabulary "greater than, less than, equal to". The students will also be sorting fractions, determining the difference between a whole, a half, and a fourth. The students will continue working on correct number formation as we try to eliminate number reversals. We will also continue skip counting, by 2's, 5's, and 10's. This is something that is easy to practice at home or in the car when you have a spare minute!

Thank you

Thank you to all the parents who were able to help us out for the field trip, whether it was volunteering your time or your resources, we could not have had a successful trip without you!!
If you were on the field trip and were able to take photos, I would love for you to email them to me so I can share with our parents who were not able to attend! Thank you again!

Our NEXT Field Trip

We are already moving on to our next field trip!! We will be traveling to the Southwood Pool on Rock Prairie on April 24th. We will split the grade level for this field trip as the pool is more enjoyable with a smaller group. We will be traveling with Mrs. Mahnke's class and Ms. Travis' class on Thursday, April 24th. A permission slip as well as more detailed information will be sent home this week in your child's folder.

Please do not be confused on the permission slip, my new name will be Mrs. Rhodes by the time the field trip rolls around so I have put that name instead of Gabos :)

Sub Days

As most of you know I will be getting married on April 13th! Mrs. Youngblood will be our substitute for 5 school days. April 11th-12th, and April 15th-17th. The kids are very excited to have Mrs. Youngblood and I am glad to have our kids in such capable hands! I will return on April 18th as Mrs. Rhodes!!