Art from the Heart

InspireDreams in Motion Presents...

Come support the first ever InspireDreams in motion production

A dance/music production thrown by Jolene Hernandez. please come support the first ever Inspiredreams in motion production. It is a show from the heart, from the music to the dancing, and a little art. This is hopefully just the beginning of many more productions. The support and attendance of you helps me in my quest to create a show like no other. My vision is to create a production where we take you on a different journey through music, art and dance each and every single time. A show to take your mind out of the every day pollution this world brings and to inspire your soul. So please come support us on this journey we are about to embark on.

Art From the Heart

Saturday, Jan. 25th, 6-7pm

809 S Washington St

Denver, CO

Admittance is free. We will be accepting cash donations funding InspireDreams in motion dance music company. Any amount is appreciated.

Featured Artists

Marylin Gonzalez
Jess Palmer
Jacqueline Hernandez
Jolene Hernandez