October Incentive

a la ashley

Shine on!!!

Ok Ladies, I wish I could say that I understand the current Team incentive, but I don't…. so again I thought I would do one for our team because it's fun right!?

We are doing so amazing so far, and you girls are crazy impressive. I know I had a bit of a road bump (literally) last month but now things are back on track.

I have broken down each and every one of your personal numbers for the month, and how you can achieve promotions and pay bumps. If you are interested in chatting about a plan, I am ready because I have already done the hard part. We can put an action plan together and get things moving. We still have over half of October left!

So here's the deal….I have a fun little prize set up, and if I get enough response, I might throw out 2 :) So here is how you can earn this, from now until the 24th you will receive 1 entry for every achievement below

  • $250 in sales
  • sign a new consultant who spends $250- they also will get an entry for the $250
  • Holding a Live social (photo needed and screenshot of order)

Lot's of fun ways to earn this incentive and I think it is the perfect time of year for the Tory Burch pouch to throw your cosmetics in!!

I took a screen shot this morning, but to help me keep track, you need to track your sales as well to confirm. Good luck everyone!!!!


I just listened to the call BTC from Gina Murphy and Christy Coleman about the the new Holiday Collections. There is some great info there if you have not listened to it, I highly recommend it!

Christy talks a lot about the new Rose Neroli oil and how she designed it to pair with our citrus Mimosa scents. Neroli is from an Orange Blossom so it pairs nicely and compliments each other. This oil has 11 essential oils in it but the rose and neroli are the fragrant oils.

She also recommends always putting oil on damp skin, it allows you to rub it in easier and use less oil. BUT when it comes to the shimmer oil, this is meant for a sun glow look, use on dry skin, as a highlighter. Top of shoulders, legs, arms collar bone etc, you can even use a touch of it on the ends of your hair.

Those are just a couple tips but listen to Christy she is amazing!