Montessori at MVM Thursday 2/25/16

Deepening Our Collective Understanding

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Dear MVM Families,

Remember that Friday, Feb. 25 is a 2-hour early dismissal. We begin dismissing students at 12:47. Thank you for picking your children up on time!

This Montessori newsletter is focused on Cosmic Education. In its most basic form, Montessori views cosmic education as symbolizing a child's place in the universe, and the interrelatedness of all things.

Cosmic Education: The Heart of the Montessori Elementary Classroom


1. Of or relating to the universe, especially as distinct from Earth.

2. Infinitely or inconceivably extended; vast.

Dr. Montessori recognized that all of science and history tell portions of the same story: the continuing creation of the universe. Cosmic Education tells that story.

In a uniquely Montessori way, the experience offers children context for, and reveals connections between, such subjects as astronomy, chemistry, geography, history, and biology, to name a few. "Learning" the academic subject matter, however, is secondary to a loftier educational goal.

Interested in learning more about Cosmic Education?

Here's to life-long learning!

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Cosmic Education: Michelle Graham at TEDxTableMountain

Make plans for Friday, a 2-hour early dismissal!

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Voting ends Friday, Feb. 25, 5 pm.

Everyone can vote for us: grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors! Share the link.

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Lift our Voices

This past Monday our very own Middle School Chorus participated in the Frederick All County Festival Adjudication at Middletown High School. The adjudication process is a showcase of performance skills and a test of sight reading ability for rhythm and melodic comprehension. There are 6 levels of music you can perform and 6 levels of sight reading you can test at.

Our chorus performed level II and level III music in three different languages: Latin, Japanese, and English and subsequently sight read at level II. Not many middle school chorus' sing music that is above a level III. Those are usually reserved for high school and college ensembles.

We had a great time and received scores of II across the board from four different judges that are all retired choral directors from neighboring counties. We are constantly working on improving our performances and are always striving for a score of I's from all the judges. This score would allow us to showcase at the state level.

Please enjoy the video's of our performances!!!!!

Watch the MS Performances by clicking below