American's Fulfilling LifeStyle

America's fulfilling life for teens.

American School Time

American's have a very balanced schedules. Americans on average get the same school time as they do free time. Which is about 6-8 hours

Americans have better foods

Americans get to have the opportunities that other kids don't. American student get almost have every type of food available. Some of our food contains of Hamburgers, Twinkies, Beef Tacos, Potato Chip, and PB&J's.

Sleep schedule

Americans get to sleep 35.7% of their day. Asia get to sleep 29.2% of the day and Africa also get to sleep 29.2% of their day.

Amount of Sleep For American Vs. Africans and Asians

Americans get more free time than Asia and Africa

Asia gets 0 of of free time a day, Egyptian student get gets 4.5 hours of free time , and last America get 9 hours of free time a average day. Egyptian students usually get to eat, play video game, play sports for their free time. Americans get to play sports, video games, TV, friends, and Family. Asia doesn't get any free time because they only eat and work and sleep.