Ms. Gainey's 3rd Grade Trip

Riverbank Zoo and Gardens

When and Where

May 4th the third grade will be taking a field trip to Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. The buses will depart from the school at 9:00. If you child is late they will be left. Busses will return at 2:30 in time for bus departure.

TRIP COST $12.00 - Bag lunch will be provided.


If as a parent you are looking to enjoy a day full of adventure we could sure use your time! For this trip our class will need 6 chaperones. Each chaperone will be in charge of no more than 5 students.

Permission slips and money due April 25th.

Why this field trip??

3.L.5A. Conceptual Understanding: The characteristics of an environment (including physical characteristics, temperature, availability of resources, or the kinds and numbers of organisms present) influence the diversity of organisms that live there. Organisms can survive only in environments where their basic needs are met. All organisms need energy to live and grow. This energy is obtained from food. The role an organism serves in an ecosystem can be described by the way in which it gets its energy.

3.L.5B.1 Obtain and communicate information to explain how changes in habitats (such as those that occur naturally or those caused by organisms) can be beneficial or harmful to the organisms that live there.