The Erie Canal Trip


For the kids:

  • wear yellow 4th grade t-shirts
  • apply sunscreen before school
  • remember to bring a lunch with a drink
  • wear sneakers
  • eat a hefty breakfast as we won't have a morning snack tomorrow


  • we will be leaving school by 9:15 and arrive at Aqueduct Park 9:45ish
  • please meet us at Aqueduct Part ~ 555 West Main Street, Palmyra
  • we'll end the trip at Market Street within the village of Palmyra
  • have an exit plan in mind......grab a ride from Bonnie, the director of the museums, walk back to your vehicle, or car pool with another parent by dropping off a vehicle within the village and take one to Aqueduct Park
  • if you're taking your child with you from the field trip, I need to have the note in hand before we leave school tomorrow morning - no notes will be accepted on site