Mopeds & Scooters

What do other drivers need to know about Mopeds & Scooters?

1. if you get hit then you’ll most likely get severely injured

and some do not wear a helmet.

2.Their speed is not as high as a motorcycle.

3.To watch out for small areas because the Mopeds & Scooters aren't as visible.

Why do Mopeds & Scooters increase driving risk?

1.They can easily be in your blind side of your car and could easily crash into them without knowing.

2.They aren't as visible, like the daily cars we see on the roadway.

How can drivers minimize their risks when sharing the roadways with Mopeds?

1.They can look for Mopeds & Scooters and be careful for other hazards just like looking for signs.

2.To yield and to not tail gate the Mopeds & Scooters because they are really slow on the roadway.

3.To be at least 5 feet away because you never know when it could stop or move a different direction.

4. Shouldn’t be side by side in the same lane, either let the drive pass or slow down but speed up because you don't know what else could be a hazard