Space Suits

Isiah Miller

Facts about them

The space suits look like a big white suit with a oxygen tank on the back of it. A space suit costs about 12 million dollars to make. Even though it looks like a white piece of cloth it costs lots to make. Also if you were to put on the space suit no skin would be showing other than your face because it's glass so you can see.
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What can they do in the suit?

On the suit they have up to eight hours of pure oxygen. So they have a long time to do things on the moon. One cool thing on/in the space suits are tube that have water and food on it in case the astronaut get lost are just get hungry or thirsty.
How Do Space Suits Work?
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Can the people even work in the suits?

Over time the space suit gloves became more and more efective. Why it has become more useful is because they used to be bigger and bigger but now they made it more easier for the people in space to use it. One part about the space suit is that the overall suit of it is so big that it is hard for people to walk around in it.


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