UC Berkley

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About UC Berkley

From a group of academic pioneers in 1868 to the Free Speech Movement in 1964, Berkeley is a place where the brightest minds from across the globe come together to explore, ask questions and improve the world.

About UC Berkley

Admission Requirments

  • A-G requirements
  • GPA of 3.0 or better
  • examination requirement by taking the ACT plus writing or SAT

Total cost

Other Estimated Costs

Housing and Utilities $7,184

Food $2,580

Books and Supplies $1,240

Personal $2,362

Transportation $1,658

Total Cost of Attendance$33,092

Direct Costs Charged by UC Berkeley

Direct Costs Charged by UC Berkeley

Tuition and Fees $13,878,

Room and Board $14,388

Total Direct Costs$28,266





track & field


swimming & diving
water polo

Is this school right for me?

I believe that this school is right for me because I would like to major in marine biology. This school also has great ROTC program that I would like to take. This school also has a big population of students, this school is also located in a big city with a total population of 116,768