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REMC13 Tools you Can Use

Looking for online information that is appropriate for your students? Taking graduate courses and looking for articles on education? Looking for audio books that students can access at home? As a member of REMC13 you have access to lots of online tools that you and your students can use. Below is a quick introduction to some of these resources that many teachers don't know exist. If you need more information please contact

Featured iPad/iPod App

HP Live Photo

If any of you have seen the Harry Potter movies you probably have seen the "Wanted" poster with the talking and moving Sirius Black, what seems like far off science fiction technology is available today. With this app you can create interactive images that start off as a standard image but transforms into a running video. As a teacher imagine having students scan images of book covers to watch another student give a video book review. What about creating a periodic table with informational videos on each element? Below is a video showcasing this particular app. Have more questions or want to use it in your classroom feel free to contact me at

*In order to utilize this app you will need to have a Facebook account, you will not need to share your account info and this app will not post videos on your Facebook without permission.

Online iPad Training

Thursday, Jan 17th, 4pm

This is an online event.

Learn the basics of your iPad. Seven virtual sessions that show you how to maximize the programs that came on your iPad and ones that you can add to maximize your use in the classroom. Conference fee is $25.

Register Here

Stacey Schuh

If you are looking for training or need support for integrating technology in your curriculum I would love to help.