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Sports Section - Discus throwing

On the exciting Friday night game of our beloved discus throwing, Hagen Martis took 1st place with his distance of 74.08m against Alec Perro who scored 69.89m, coming in a close 2nd place. The two men used all their strength to toss this iron and bronze disc from within the 2.5 meter circle.

The Odyssey

In this exciting and adventurous epic, the story of Odysseus is told by Homer. The king of Ithaca left his kingdom to go and fight in the Trojan War. While he was gone, he goes to The Land of the Lotus Eaters, he battles Polyphemus- the Cyclops, he has a love affair with the witch goddess- Circe, and he is tempted by the deadly Sirens and goes along to a trip to Hades. When he returns to Ithaca, he finds that his wife, Penelope, is waiting for him faithfully even after all the suitors tried to steal her away.

"I enjoyed this incredible epic story of the king of Ithaca. it was full of action and suspense, I recommend it to everyone!" -says Antonia of Athens


Reporter- "How would you describe yourself?"

Themistocles- "I am very tough and strong. Im a cunning person and very smart, I'm also a great fighter."

Reporter- "Is it true that Persia and Greece will go to battle?"

Themistocles- "Yes, and i think we have a major advantage over them."

Reporter- "And what would that be?"

Themistocles- "The Persians have demonized salt water, and it is one of their weakest battle grounds whereas the sea is one of my strongest."

Reporter- "How will you approach this fight?"

Themistocles- "We will build large ships and make the front with an iron tip, with that we can ram into the ships and destroy them!"

The Brilliance of Themistocles
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Olive Oil of Athens

Get your olive oil here!

Use oil for the valuable nutritional quality and for medical purposes.

1 gallon of olive oil = 5 drachmas

The olive oil tree represents pureness, wisdom, power, peace, fertility, and glory.

Athens Gossip Section

Speaker 1: "Wow I can't believe how cocky Themistocles is."

Speaker 2: "I know, he talks so much, but then again it is all true. His strength is high and he is a great fighter.

Speaker 1: "He talks as if he is the greatest and knows everything."

Speaker 2: "Well, Themistocles is very smart and knows how to approach battles."

Speaker 1: "I just hope he sticks to his word and defeats Persia."

Speaker 2: "I heard about the technique of the ships Greece has. The iron tip seems invincible."

Speaker 1: "I sure do hope he is telling us the truth so Greece can defeat Persia."

Speaker 2: "Me too."

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