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February 15th, 2019

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

We've had a good week back after the Lunar New Year holiday. Students and teachers seem rested and ready to wrap up Term 3! This week students began the new season of Dalton Cup with dodgeball. A highlight has been ending each competition with a teacher vs. students game! I'm happy to see Dalton Cup bringing our community together and strengthening relationships between students and teachers.

Over the weekend our table tennis and volleyball teams had the chance to compete at SIS for the first time this season after much preparation and work. Also, several of our middle school students participated in National History Day with some great results! Be sure to check out this week's newsletter for more details.

We have a lot more excitement coming up next week with Dalton Cup continuing, Spirit Week, and a student council bake sale on Tuesday.

Have a great week!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

CDS Hosts National History Day in Korea

On Saturday, February 16th, CDS welcomed nearly 500 students and teachers from 19 different international schools within Korea for this year's National History Day: Triumph and Tragedy in History.

It was wonderful to see so many new faces in our building and to share enthusiasm and curiosity about our past, present, and future. CDS students represented our school very well with a total of 3 groups who placed in the event. Students who placed 2nd may have the opportunity to travel to Maryland for the U.S. National competition! We're so proud of all of these students.

Middle School

Junior Group Performance - 2nd Place

The Legacy of Ahn Jung-Geun

Claire Cho, Russell Choi, Suyon Hwang, Karen Koo, Amy Shin

Junior Group Exhibit - 3rd Place

The Salem Witch Trials

Suhyeon Han, Jinkyung Jeon, Minju Kim, Sophia Seo, Han Na Shin

High School

Senior Group Exhibit - 2nd Place

Peace Crisscrossed Behind the 38th parallel

Seoyeon Kim, SoJeong Kwon, Chaerin Park

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Korean Writing Competition

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지난 1월 30일 수요일에 도서관 3층에서 한국어 글쓰기 대회가 열렸습니다. 이번 대회는 시와 수필 그리고 만화그리기의 3부분으로 나누어 진행되었습니다. 참가자들은 자기가 스스로 선택한 주제에 대해 미리 내용을 생각하고 개요를 만든 다음에 글쓰기를 하였습니다.

이번 대회에서는 자기 생활의 경험을 솔직하게 표현하는 글들이 많이 있었습니다. 가장 개성있고 참신한 글은 자신의 경험을 바탕으로 쓰는 글입니다. 학생들이 이런 과정을 이해하고 적용하는 모습을 볼 수 있어서 매우 긍정적이었습니다. 특히, 이번 대회에서는 시와 소설 뿐만 아니라 만화그리기 부분에서도 내용과 표현에서 좋은 평가를 받은 작품들이 나왔습니다. 대회에 참여한 모든 참가자들에게 박수를 보냅니다.

전체적으로 이번 대회의 글쓰기에서 7,8학년의 깊은 생각과 5,6학년의 참신한 표현이 많이 드러났습니다. 학생들의 표현 능력이 점점 깊고 다양해지고 있어 다음 한국어 글쓰기 대회가 벌써 기대됩니다.

On Wednesday, January 30th, the 2018-19 Korean writing competition was held on the third floor of library. The competition was divided into three parts: poetry, essays, and comics. The participants thought about their own topic in advance, made an outline and then created their work.

In this competition, there were many pieces that expressed their own life experiences. The most unique and creative writing is based on one's own experience. It was very positive to see students understand and apply this into their writings. In particular, there were a lot of great works not only in poetry and novels but also in comics this year. I would like to applaud all the participants’ efforts.

Overall, the work students produced for the competition revealed a lot of deep thoughts from seventh and eighth graders and fresh expressions in fifth and sixth graders. I'm already looking forward to the next Korean writing competition as students’ expression abilities are becoming more deep and diverse.

-Mr. Yonghoe Kim

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Winter Writing Contest

CDS MS 1st and 2nd Place Awards


1st Place

Alex Noh

2nd Place

Cailyn Park


1st Place

Sophia Seo

2nd Place

Jisoo Hong


1st Place

Cindy Shin

2nd Place

Yuchien Chang

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Hello Middle School Community!

The Middle School Student Council has planned a Spirit Week next week from February 18th to February 22nd. Each day will be based around a different theme, and students will be encouraged to dress up according to each theme. There will also be a Bake Sale happening on the Tuesday of Spirit Week, February 19th, and the Student Council will be selling many different things that the students can buy and eat such as Oreos, Kit Kats, brownies, and quesadillas. We hope everyone participates and builds community during this event! Thank you!

- The Student Council

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[This week, around CDS MS]

Black Death Simulation with Mr. Drews in G6 Social Studies

Our latest unit in 6th grade Social Studies explored one of the greatest disasters in human history, the Black Death. Students participated in a simulation to enhance their understanding of the psychological and economic consequences of the Black Death in Europe.

We also deliberated on the legacy of the Black Death by comparing and evaluating the suffering it created with some of the silver linings (e.g. helping to end the feudal system in Europe) it brought about.

Chinese with Ms. Liu

Chinese New year is a 4000-year-old tradition that is all about bringing family together. Chinese New year is also called Lunar New year or Spring Festival(春节)and it is the most important traditional festival in China. This year Chinese New gracefully falls on Feb 5th. In order to celebrate this festival, Middle School Advanced Chinese students made red Chinese lanterns with a fish decoration. Red Chinese lanterns hung at Chinese New Year symbolize joyfulness and good luck and they remain as one of the most easily recognized trademarks of Chinese culture.

In Chinese the pronunciation of fish, yú(鱼)is same as 余,which translate into “surplus” or “extra”. In Chinese culture the fish represents abundance and wealth. We wish all the members in Middle School community have good fortunes in all affairs in 2019.

- Ms. Liu

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Playing with 가야금(Gayageum) @Orchestra CC time

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Dalton Cup - Dodgeball!!

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Mr. Cavasin working with G5s

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International Day of Women in Science

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[MS Athletics]

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Middle School Documents

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Upcoming Events

  • 2/16 - National History Day Korea (NHD)

  • 2/16 - Boys Volleyball @SIS

  • 2/16 - Girls Volleyball @SIS

  • 2/16 - Table Tennis @SIS

  • 2/18-2/22 - Spirit Week