JSE Weekly Newsletter

August 1 - August 5

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Student Arrival / Dismissal Procedures

Students arriving via buses: These students beginning arriving via buses at approximately 7:00 - 7:15 AM each school day, they are greeted by our staff members and walked to the JSE cafeteria for breakfast. They will remain in the cafeteria, under the supervision of several JSE staff members, until 7:35 when teachers arrive in the classroom. At that time, they will be escorted by JSE staff members to their classrooms.

Students arriving by personal vehicle (7:15am and later): Families may choose to park in the front lot and walk students to the crosswalk or to the front door of our school building OR drop off their student(s) via the drop-off lanes at the front of the school.

Students arriving in the morning via the drop-off/pick-up lanes at the front of JSE (7:15am and later): Students will remain in vehicles until all vehicles in both lanes have stopped moving and/or they are directed to exit by staff, admin, or our SRO. We ask that the students in the first 5-6 vehicles in each lane (approximately 10-12 cars) exit and make their way into the school building.

Students arriving in the morning whose families elect to park in the parking lot: Families that choose to park MUST walk their student(s) to the crosswalk. Children cannot be allowed to walk unaccompanied through our very busy parking lot.

Students that walk to school with their families: Families may walk their students up to the crosswalks. No pets of any kind should accompany families during arrival (or dismissal), as it violates Maryville City Code and MCS policy and JSE school policy.

Swim Week

Students in 1st - 3rd grade will be swimming during the school day the week of August 8th - August 12th. JSE students look forward to this event each year, so be sure to turn in your swim permission form (which you will receive at the open house / meet the teacher event tomorrow)!
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