Monkey Business

B5 Transitional Three's Ms. Meghan


  • Next weeks theme: Celebrate Easter!
  • Letters of the week: No New letters this week
  • Good Friday, March 25 No Classes

Reminders / Notes

  • The caterpillars should be here the first part of the week of March 29th. We will be talking a lot about caterpillars and butterflies for the next few weeks. This is such a fun science project!!!
  • We are working on more independence... The boys are taking their lunch boxes out and putting them with their backpacks. They are so proud to be doing this!
  • AMAZING BOYS!!! I am so proud of all my friends!

What We Are Working on This Month

  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Color: Orange
  • Counting: 2 and 4 (2 short sides, 2 long sides and 4 corners)
  • Bible Verse / Song: "Nothing is impossible with God." Like 1:37
  • Frog Street Press: Rectangle (A.K.A. Rudy Rectangle)
  • Calendar: March season, daily weather observations, days of the week song.

What We Did This Week

  • We enjoyed Spinnyo's, letter construction Q and R, rocks and trucks in the sensory table, legos on the light table, , Little Pet Shop, looking at bugs, crayons, and markers.
  • We had Story Time with the entire Blue Hall on Thursday and Friday. I just love Story Time!!!
  • For Art, we painted a pot of gold on Tuesday. We made a Queen on the letter Q on Wednesday. We glued rope on the letter R on Thursday . Friday we used paint to make a mirror image butterfly kiss.
  • We read: "Rectangle", "Quilla Queen", "Rowdy the Rodeo Rat", "Duck! Rabbit!", "The book with no pictures", "Little Penguin gets the hiccups", "We are in a book?", "Parts", "Open Very Carefully a book with bite", "A Big Guy took My Ball!", "Oh, No!", "Never ask a dinosaur to dinner", "Little Blue Truck", "The Monster at the end of this book", and "The very hungry caterpillar". Our favorite book this week was "The book with no pictures"

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