Uncle Taj's Ranch

Where all kids are welcome (Ages-5-18)

Uncle Taj's ranch

All kid's are welcome to come stay with me on my ranch and learn alot of things . The kids will be active and always learning new things

The cost and what to bring

50 dollars per child

10 dollars for a T-shirt

The kids will need to bring summer clothes,tooth paste,tooth brush,hygine,outside shoe's,inside shoes,blankets,pillows,and swimming clothes. If you child has asma PLEASE bring inhella

Registration start time and end time

Registration starts May 1st and ends June 8th

Uncle Taj's Ranch

Monday, June 10th 2013 at 3:30-5pm

New Orleans Louisiana

5417 Powell St,New Orleans 70123

Life as a rancher

We wake up at 7:00

at 7:30 we eat breakfast

at 8:00 we start our day(weight lifting,ranching horse riding,off-road riding,fun activities, educational activities and fun events

at 10:30 it's bed time

Uncle Ryan(the owners nephew). He's the camp director and camp coordinator

If you need any nformation

Juss contact us at

email littlenunny123@gmail.com or juss call 903-752-3695

These are the other cabin's that we have on the Ranch