Center Community Chat

September 5, 2022

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Dear Center Families,

What a great first week of school. It was wonderful to have our halls filled with smiling faces again. Thank you for your patience as we continue to get our arrival and dismissal procedures running smoothly.

We were thrilled that students were able to enjoy our new playground structure! We will have an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday at 4:30 to thank those who were integral in making this happen.

Tomorrow is a "Let Your Kind Shine" spirit day. It is typically the first Monday of the month but will be celebrated tomorrow due to the holiday.

Staff Update

Jaelithe Brodeur is one of three social workers hired to support the district. She will be supporting Center, South Row, and McCarthy families. Jaelithe has a DESE Licensure in School Social Work/School Adjustment Counseling (All Levels) as well as a School Counseling Licensure. Jaelithe has spent the past 5 years working in the Westwood Public Schools at the Thurston Middle School. Jaelithe worked for a brief period of time as a clinician for Project Cope/Bridgewell as well as filling long term substitute positions in Watertown, Woburn and Milford prior to landing in Westwood. Jaelithe's references highlighted her skills in collaboration and forming partnerships with families. Jaelithe is a long-time resident of Dracut and is excited to be part of the Center team.

Parent Drop-Off

You may have noticed changes to our parent drop-off procedure. These were made to prevent a back-up on Billerica Road. On Wednesday, traffic was blocking the fire department exits.

First, please do not arrive before 8:40. We do not have staff available to supervise and let students out of cars until 8:45. If you arrive before 8:40 you will be asked to leave campus and return later.

Additionally, for the first 5 minutes of drop off, we will create two lines of cars on the lower level. All students will be assisted out of their cars and when all cars are empty of students, they will exit campus at the same time. Thank you to Lt. Poor, who made this suggestion.

Permission to take pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words as they say, and we love to include these in our weekly updates and on the website through our Twitter feed. Please let email Ms. O’Hearn at if you do not want your child’s picture included in these forums.

Have a great week.

Warm Regards,

Dianna and Donna

Student Attendance

All Chelmsford Public Schools are committed to providing quality educational experiences for all students. We believe there is a direct correlation between school achievement and regular school attendance. With this in mind, the Chelmsford Public Schools encourage daily attendance of all students. The compulsory Massachusetts attendance statute, “General Laws, Chapter 76, Section 2 requires that children, ages 6-16 attend school.”

As building principals, we have seen firsthand, the correlation between attendance and achievement. We strongly encourage you to study the district calendar and plan vacations, medical appointments and personal commitments around our 180 days of school for students. Please help us to build strong learners, committed community members and successful workers.

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Phone Usage

Increasingly, more students are bringing cellphones to school. Please be mindful of the district policy regarding cell phone use:

If students need to contact home they should see their teacher/administrator to receive permission to use the phone in the classroom or office. Conversely, if a parent needs to speak with a student, the parent should call the school office. All cell phones should be off while in school, unless in use for instructional purposes. Any student using a cell phone for non- instructional purposes while school is in session will have that cell phone confiscated by administration. A first offense will lead to a warning and the administrator will return the phone to the student at the end of the day. Second and subsequent offenses will result in the phone being returned only to the parent and/or further disciplinary actions. (Pg. 18 of the student handbook)

Additionally, students are not allowed to take pictures of others on the bus or during the school day due to privacy issues.

First Day Fun

CPS calendar

Save the Date: Curriculum Night, Wednesday, September 21st

5 – 5:25 PM: Principal/Assistant Principal Presentation in the cafeteria for 3rd and 4th grade families

5:30 – 6:15 PM: Grades 3 & 4 Teacher Presentations

6:15 – 7:00 PM: Specialists/ Reading/ Special Educators and Related support providers available in classrooms/offices

7 – 7:25 PM: Principal/ Assistant Principal Presentation in the cafeteria for grades K-2 families (The 5 PM presentation is repeated.)

7:30 – 8:15 PM: Grades K, 1 & 2 Teacher Presentations

School Nutrition Department Updates


I hope this email finds you well. As you may all know, breakfast and lunch are free again this school year. What does this mean? There is no charge for any child taking a “reimbursable meal”.

Unfortunately, if a student only wants a milk, water, or anything separate they must pay for that item. If your students want a milk to accompany their lunch from home, they will be charged for that milk.

Lunch Accounts – Every student has a lunch account. The account follows the student from school to school. Although meals are free, students are still able to purchase an addition meal, snack, and drinks at lunch time. They will need to have money in their account to be able to do this. If they do not have money, they will not be able to “charge” these purchases. Please send in a check to your student’s school or mail directly to:

Nancy Antolini

School Nutrition Director

200 Richardson Road

North Chelmsford, MA 01863

Currently, our online payment system is not up and running. Look for more information to come.

This year the students must use their ID numbers. We are currently making badges that the student must use to purchase breakfast, lunch, or anything a la cart. They will be handed out on the first day of school.

I wish you a happy and healthy school year!

Nancy Antolini

School Nutrition Director


School menus (breakfast and lunch) -

Free and Reduced Form -

Free and Reduced Lunch Forms - You only need to fill out one per family. This form can be returned to any office in the district, including food services, located at Chelmsford High School.

Upcoming Events


  • September 6-28 Spirit Wear On-line sale

  • Tuesday, September 6: Let your Kind Shine Spirit Day (since Monday was a holiday)

  • Wednesday, September 14: CSPTO meeting, 7 PM in the library

  • Friday, September 16: Chelmsford Pride Spirit Day

  • Wednesday, September 21: Half Day/Professional day

  • Wednesday, September 21: CPS spirit day

  • Wednesday, September 21: Center Curriculum Night


  • Thursday, October 6: Ice Cream Social, 5:30-7:30 PM

  • Monday, October 10: No School - Columbus day

  • Tuesday, October 18: Half day/Professional day

  • Friday, October 21: CPS spirit wear day

  • Saturday, October 22: Trunk or Treat,1-3 PM (Rain date October 29)


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Arrival and Dismissal Information

Bus Drop-off

  • Buses enter from Billerica Road and turn left when they approach the school.

  • They will drive behind the building, stopping twice. Students in grades 3, 4 and Ms. McConnell, Ms. MacLean, and Ms. Pierce-Clarke’s classes will be dropped off to enter the building through the modular classrooms.

  • Kindergarten, 1st grade students and students in Ms.Kielnan and Ms. Walker’s classes will be dropped off at the kindergarten entrance.

Caretaker Drop-off

  • Drive through drop-off begins at 8:45 and ends at 8:59, please note that students will be marked tardy if they arrive in their classroom later than 8:59. Please enter from Billerica road and turn right either into the upper parking lot or the access road in front of the school. Please drive up to a cone before stopping your vehicle and remain in your vehicle. A staff member will assist your student in exiting the car. Students should not exit the car until a staff member indicates for them to do so.

  • ***Please do not arrive at the school before 8:40 as this creates a backup on Billerica Rd.

  • Students should exit from the driver’s side so they do not cross in front or behind cars. Students can enter the building and go directly to their classrooms at 8:50.

  • Please do not park and walk your child to the building. We do no have enough parking for this option, and it is dangerous due to the bus traffic proceeding around the front of the building.

  • We will have a parking space designated in the upper parking lot if your student needs extra support separating the first few days of school.

Walkers (for those students who live in walking distance of the school only)

  • Caretakers who are walking students to school please wait with your child(ren) at the front doors. A staff member will then escort students from the bike rack to the building at 8:50. Caretakers will follow the pick-up procedures described below in the afternoon.


  • Caretakers must turn off and park their cars in the upper parking lot nearest Billerica Road, if entering the building to pick up your student. Proceed to the crosswalk and down the sidewalk to the front door.

  • Parking on the access road to the school is not allowed as buses are entering there and caretakers are using that road to exit. Caretakers are allowed to park behind town hall and walk through the large path to the school.

  • Doors open at 3:18, please go directly to the cafeteria. A card with your students' name will be on a table to the right. Please pick this up and proceed into the cafe, find your child and join the line to the staff member who will dismiss your child. Please have a form of identification ready upon exiting at least for the first two weeks, or until our staff member becomes familiar with you.

  • Please send in a note for teachers on the first day to let them know if your student will not be riding a bus home every day. If your child normally rides the bus but you need to pick them up, please send a note to the teacher, the teacher will notify the office. If you need to change your student’s after school plans you must call the office by 2:30. Students will not be dismissed from the office after 2:45.

CPS calendar