Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 14 News/Update "Taking a Step Back to Reflect"

"Fostering Reflection" and Choosing to be the Change You want to See

As the year progresses we often forget to stop and reflect deeply and in a way that brings clarity and a renewed spirit. I encourage everyone to read the article below jot down any interesting quotes, aha moments, or questions that popped up as you were reading. Feel free to email Katrina your reflection notes (if you're in a sharing mood), she will compile them and share them with the team. Here is a paragraph from the article that stood out to me.

"All teachers can develop habits of mind conducive to effective decision making. Reflection is a skill that is best fostered with colleagues. Coworkers who demonstrate expertise in posing and solving problems often prove to be good mentors. They usually have the ability to listen analytically—focusing on key information that helps clarify what needs to be explored—and they have expanded repertoires of options."

This sums up everything that I believe about the POWER of educators! You plan, you get knocked down, you adjust, and you hit the ground running with a new plan. It's a never ending cycle in your route to proving the possible! If anyone can do it, you can!

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Formal Evaluations are underway! Make sure you take a minute to look back through your TeachBoost actions steps, notes, and feedback to date! MAKE EVERYDAY COUNT!

Lesson Plans

  • Lesson plans should be submitted either Wednesday or Thursday depending on your school! Plans should be loaded to sharepoint weekly.

Minimum Components:


*Fluency Practice

*Do Now/Application Problem

*Concept Development Info-- with Key Learning Points or "I can statements"

*Misunderstandings to address

*Grouping and Accommodations

*Workstation and Guided Math Description

As always, please reach out if you need support writing plans or getting them loaded.

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Peer Observations are underway!!! Be on the look out for an invitation for a peer to come observe you or vs. versa!

Resource Hub on Sharepoint-- ALL ASSESSMENTS and PLANNING Resources can be found here!!

All of our materials and resources including weekly zipped files, assessments, pacing calendars, etc. can now be found under "Curriculum and Instruction" on Sharepoint. TCAP Practice Test Probes for November and Module Assessments are loaded here!

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you are reviewing assessments BEFORE the week of to ensure you are teaching a variety of strategies and hitting all the skills! Assessment previewing, bagging and tagging assessment skills can be a game changer for you. It allows you to plan strategically and with all aspects covered. It also gives you a voice in what is and isn't assessed as you have the opportunity to provide feedback on every assessment well in advance of giving them to students. ***

Updates about Assessments

Wednesday's Network Pd was very productive! I think we all saw how much of an impact actually taking the test ahead of time can be for guiding future planning! Each team should have received a response to questions regarding question alignment or rewording of any questions. I encourage you to look closely at future assessments and provide feedback.


In an effort to reduce the number of assessments students are taking (we heard you loud and clear)......... Teachers can choose to give either the module multiple choice supplement assessment or the module open response assessment instead of both.

The rationale is that both tests assess the SAME standards just in a different format. You can also feel free to continue giving both assessments as some teachers said they love both and their students sometime perform better on 1 over the other, but it varies from test to test.

The expectation is that at least 1 of the two will be given according to the current pacing schedule.

Open Office Hours for Planning will be @ FAES 11/17 4:30-5:30 Topic: Open

SHOUT OUTS............................................

  • To all math teachers that made it to the Network PD on using assessments to guide instruction and planning for instruction.
  • Extra shout to teachers for coming prepared
  • Extra shout to teachers for participating fully! Your effort is what makes our sessions impactful!
  • Shout out to Jessica Alexander --- always my right hand:-)
  • Deedra Clark for hosting her 1st Network PD