Whorl shark

by Ailie Hekkala T5

when they fond lema

When people first found this fossil they just found their teeth and they thought oh it some type of giant bug this then another fossil and they found it attach to the teeth and so ya the end.they all so at first they don't no where to put it they trid place then a scientist named Alexander Petrovich Karpinsky thot it belonged in the shark family like fish. Make sense that he thought this and it is true because when it lose it teath it just end up on the outside kinda like a shark because it has layers and layers of teeth and when it loses 5 in 1 spot all will grow back but inside the moth but this one grow outside the mouth instead problem to scare off predators but it must be very hard to swim with your

teeth hang out ride your moth

Describe its way of life

Lema ate soft boiled food like squid and other stuff like it.

To bigger animals she probably looked more ferst because of her other animals because of the way it looked with it teeth on the outside of it moth

name lema

Time period when it lived on Earth:

290 mil years ago

Geologic Era and Period it lived in:

Where it lived:

Permian sea

Cause of extinction (if known):

Reviving shark

Who are its closest relatives?:


Anything else you would like to add (be creative and get ideas from the examples):

We still don't know how lema died but we found her body dead she was closer to shore we ask everyone but they still don't know maybe her teeth got cote on some thing some people say but we still are trying to find out but we still put her in are memory she killed the most squid in one year she was the most terrifying of her kind she was not the smartest and she want to go on the surface that were we found her body she did make it and then died rest in peace Lema rip