States Rights!

(By Sarah Weaver)

Electing Abraham Lincoln

The south didn't believe that, Lincoln would give them the same rights. Southern people believed that Lincoln would be more interested with the North's interest. Why? Because Lincoln was in for anti-slavery and trying to give the black people their deserved rights.

Growth of the Abolition Movement

Majoring events led up to: the publishing of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Dred Scott Case, John Brown's Raid, and the fugitive slave act. This was against slaveholders, abolitionist and people who were against slavery.

Slave and Non-Slave State Proponents

The american's began to expand with the Louisiana Purchase and then the Mexican War. That was being questioned because that was because it depended on whether new states had admitted to the union would be enslaved or free. Later on the Missouri Compromise of 1820 came around this was prohibiting slavery in the sates from the former document the Louisiana Purchase. Later on comes over to the Compromise of 1850, fugitive slave act, popular sovereignty and "bleeding Kansas." This is when history takes a turning point. The Compromise of 1850 was created by Mr. Henry wanted the balance between slaves and free states. The fugitive slave act is where the plantation owners could claim there slaves again. "Bleeding Kansas." is when there was a huge violence that had happened Kansas.

States Verses Federal Rights

During this time the first organized government was made after the American Revolution. It was only made after the Articles of Confederation was written. Soon confederation was with a very weak government that went federal. People like Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry was not at the meetings like they were suppose to get everything settled. Soon things turned into the idea of doing nullification. When the states had the rights to rule some of the federal acts unconstitutional. The federal government didn't want the government denied states the right that they have. When the nullification didn't work soon the states moved towards secession and they felt no longer respected at all.

Economic and social differences between the North and the South.

Eli Whitney was in the south and had made the Cotton Gin. It became very profitable because they made 10 times more than they would by doing by hand. The southern economy has based it off of cotton. Plantation owners expect all the slaves to do the cotton to pick and get it through the cotton gin. But the North was based more on the city life. North has more of the different classes and cultures.