Massachusetts- the Home of the Pure

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Reasons for Settlement

The first founders of this colony, were Separatists who wanted their children to grow up in a better, English society. In 1620, the Separists set sail to the Americas on the Mayflower and achieved their goals. Because Massachusetts had rich fertile soil, which was ideal for growing various crops, the Pilgrams decided to settle in this area. This region as well had warm welcoming summers as well as an abundance of trees which were fit for building sturdy homes. Since this colony was close to the Atlantic Ocean, there were good ports and also were available for trade and people did not worry about the lack of food.

Geography and Climate

In the Massachusetts colony, we have: good ports, rich pastures, mountains thick with trees, and as well many forests. Although there are somewhat cold winters we have warm summers. You won’t have to worry about dying of deadly diseases because the Massachusetts colony can be reassured to have less diseases and a lot less people died compared to the other 12 colonies. During the summer, the climate is very welcoming and also was an ideal time to grow maize, pumpkins, rye squash beans, to fish for fish and whale, and raise livestock such as cattle.


Have you ever wanted to govern yourself? If you come to the Massachusetts colony, you get to elect your own leaders to make the laws for you. With only slight rule from the king, by a governor, you can be free from most of the king’s prosecutions. Our government is strongly influenced by our religious practices, and with our elected leaders you can make sure that your opinions will be heard.


The Massachusetts colony was based upon a large group of Puritans that followed the Pilgrims ten years later. Their system of government was based upon the rules of the Bible and as well based upon their religion. In this region, they wanted to set an example for the rest of the world. Coming to Massachusetts would allow you to openly worship your own religion without being criticized; as well as finding new ones.