Drilling for oil in the arctic

Should companies be able to stake claims in the arctic


The arctic region holds approximately 1,670 tons of recoverable oil. A surplus like this would be enough to meet the worlds power demands for years to come, but would there be a downside to this expansion into a region of the earth that is largely untouched.

Pros and cons

Pros: The arctic's supply of natural resources has the potential to sustain humanities power needs. We would have more resources to carry out every day life and to find different power sources, which to this day have only potential, not affirmative results. There is also the fact that the drilling will add positive revenue to the global economy, a result from more jobs, and more spending money for people when the gas prices lower. The drilling will bring many positive effects to the worlds well being, and should be pursued.

Cons: The drilling in the arctic will vastly effect the environment in a negative way. First of all, the companies will be taking away land from the local animal population, which has already been diminished due to global warming. Global warming will also result from this expansion, as the pollution and urbanization of desolate areas will decimate the polar ice caps. The environment will be taking a great blow for us to continue to live in comfort.