Chapati, Ladoo and more

By: Serenity

Indian food around the world

There is always that one place where you can get Indian food. Indain food has a lot of different speices and flavors. Here in our city there are places like New taste of Indian , and also Royal Indian cuisine etc. Where u can get these types of food.

Indian food relates to is culture

It shows people how cluture are not all the same. We don't do stuff it actually the same. Like when Indian people eat something special it because something special is going on. If we want something special we can get it from the store. This is a example of how certain food relate to there culture a certain way.


Ladoo is a national sweet treat in India. ladoo is more because of the medicinal item that is sweet. Ladoo is given to tweenage girls to keep their hormones under control.


All Indian culture know how to make chapati. It very basic it can get made with any dinner. It's should be only cooked twice a day for family's.