Interventions at Lake Olympia

Extra Academic Support for Your Child



Lake Olympia Middle School is offering several interventions to help students with their academics. If your child has low report card or progress report grades, please take advantage of the interventions we are providing to help all students succeed. If your child fails a subject by the end of May, they will have to attend summer school in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Only two courses are allowed for summer school. If your child is failing three or more subjects, most likely he or she will be retained in their current grade level. It's time to start improving grades now, to prevent the need of summer school.



Look for homework on the following weekdays.

Reading and Writing -Mondays

Math -Tuesdays

Science -Wednesdays

Social Studies -Thursdays

Paperless Learning

Each subject has a day of the week where teachers are teaching without a worksheet. Lessons are all hands-on, rotating workstations, use of technology, or cooperative learning groups.

Mondays - 6th -8th Grade Reading and Writing Paperless Day

Tuesdays - 6th Grade Math Paperless Day

Wednesdays - 8th Grade Math Paperless Day

Thursdays - 7th Grade Math Paperless Day and 6th -8th Grade Science Paperless Day

Fridays - 6th -8th Grade Social Studies Paperless Day

How Can You Help?

Please make sure your child is completing homework and all assigned projects. It is important for your child to read at least 20 minutes a day. It is also a great idea to have your child review assignments or prepare for upcoming assignments during the weekends. Please check your child's grades on Skyward's Family Access. We encourage parent/teacher conferences and you are always invited to sit in your child's classes.