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Week of September 19 - 23


National School Lunch Week

National School Lunch Week will occur this year October 10-14. The theme this year is “Vote Your Favorite!”

Every elementary school will receive large posters to place near the serving lines in their cafeterias. Each day your cafeteria staff will post a different question to the students (such as “Strawberry Cups vs. Orange Slices with Tajik?”) and distribute stickers for the students to place on their ‘vote’ on which is their favorite.


One Thursday a month from 4:00 – 6:00 PM - itslearning Sherpas will be available to answer questions (online & face-to-face) and coach teachers through the itslearning Trails!

In September, we will be live at Memorial High School.

In October, we will be live at Pine Shadows Elementary.

In support of new personalized professional learning models (self-driven), these Q & A Drop-In sessions are intended to support teachers as you enroll in the itslearning Trails found in the PL Introduction to itlsearning (itslearning Guide Book) course or as you explore the platform.

You may call in or come in person to get your questions answered and/or to receive small group or individualized support. Eduphoria PL credit is earned by completion of the Trails (in the PL Introduction to itslearning course), not through attending these sessions.



Outstanding job on Curriculum Night/Open House! Lots of compliments from parents. They loved the new format and feel like they had a chance to hear everything without being rushed.

Gifted and Talented Identification Process.

This information has been sent to parents, and will be sent out a few more times before the deadline. I also wanted you to be aware:

Parents who would like to refer their child for the identification process must provide written permission by completing a Parent Referral Form. Parent referral forms are available in the front office or by contacting Lynne Luberger, Counselor, at or by phone at 713-251-6271.

Completed Parent Referral Forms must be returned to Lynne Luberger, Counselor, no later than October 7, 2016. Please note that no late referrals can be accepted due to timeline constraints.

Important Information about the GT Identification Process

Two-Step Process

SBISD has a two-step identification process to effectively assess students’ needs for services.

Level 1 is the first step of the process. Data in Level 1 will be collected for every student referred for the GT program. This step includes collecting data from:

1. Students through the Planned Experiences which are standardized, educational screening activities administered to all students in all grade levels in their classrooms

2. Teachers through a standardized behavioral inventory

3. Parents through the parent inventory

Students who meet the GT standard in Level 1 are recommended by the district to continue to Level 2, which includes the administration of nationally standardized, norm-referenced tests or in certain situations the test scores from last school year being carried forward to this school year.

Please note that any child in grades K-5 may be referred for the GT screening. However, the Level 2 procedures are altered for different grade levels and/or students. Please read below for an explanation of these circumstances.

September 21st – SBISD Community GT Awareness Meeting

SBISD Administration Building 6:00-7:30 pm 955 Campbell Road

October 7th – GT Referral Deadline – Parent Referral Forms due to Lynne Luberger, Counselor. No late referrals can be accepted.

November 14th – Level 1 parent notification letters mailed. This letter will be mailed to all parents of students who were referred indicating whether the child will continue to Level 2 in the GT identification process.

November 21st – December 9th – Level 2 testing of only those students who qualify to move to Level 2 and who meet the criteria for new testing during this school year.

February 17th Notification to parents regarding Level 2 results mailed

February 27th – Kindergarten services begin for kindergarten students who qualify for GT services

May 8th - All GT appeals due to counselor

May 26th – Appeals notification mailed to parents