Albert Watson "Watt" Invents Radar!

It can track anything from people to weather!

The Radar

  • Radio waves are sent out from the radar

  • They bounce off of objects

  • Then they are intercepted to determine a location of the object

Various Uses of the Radar


  • First used during World War II

  • Some were set up around cities to detect incoming enemies

  • More were mounted onto airplanes towards the end of WWII for reconnaissance


  • Radar can detect thunderstorms using radio waves

  • Knowledge of the atmosphere can be acquired through radio waves

Who contributed to radar advancements?

  • United States Government put money towards research

  • MIT Radiation Laboratory and the British made radars more accurate so they could detect submarines

Did You Know?

  • The radar can be considered the second most significant scientific achievement of all time (behind the nuclear weapon).

  • That RADAR is actually an acronym that means "Radio Detection and Ranging."

  • The radar can be used medically to "detect objects" in the body like abnormal growths on organs.


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