Ideal Being

By Rachel Watley and Jaidyn Phillips

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Patrick Dempsey (face)

Patrick Dempsey is known about Seattle Grace Hospital as well as with the many fans he has in the real world, as the one and only McDreamy. He is projected as the most beautiful and attractive man and thus is only best suited to be the face of our ideal being.

Michael Scofield (brain 1)

Michael Scofield, main character of the ever popular Prison Break, managed to devise a plan to successfully escape prison, and leave series of helpers on the outside to guide them to freedom. He had people, locations, money, etc all planned to finest of details that were to play out perfectly. He tattooed all of the plans in an elaborate drawing onto his body that somehow inclosed the blueprints of the jail. A mind like that must be included in an ideal being.

Gordon Gekko (brain 2)

Gordon Gekko was one of the greatest minds on Wall St. Although it got the best of him and landed him in jail, not many people could do what he did with numbers. In order to finagle your way into banks and accounts the way that he did for so long took more than just skill, it took sheer brains. He was intelligent to a fault. But in an ideal being you can't really be too smart.

Brad Pitt (heart 1)

The heart of Brad Pitt would be best in an ideal man because of his loyalty and compassion. Although he was married prior to marrying Angelina Jolie, he has settled down and been loyal to her. They’ve been loyal to each other for years and are now doing their part for less fortunate kids in Africa. Pitt and Jolie have adopted 6 children from Cambodia, Zambia, etc and only the biggest of hearts would do this.

Neal Armstrong (heart 2)

Neal Armstrong is the brave/strong side of the ideal man’s heart. Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. It took great courage to head out into the unknown and explore. He was so passionate about doing what he loved that nothing could stop him. A man with a heart like that would be nothing short of ideal.

Shaun White (backbone 1)

This dominating force on the half-pipe and overall mountain has a literal desired ‘backbone’ as well as a figurative. The literal backbone is the one that has flipped and twisted its way into earning olympic gold medals. The figurative backbone is the one that kept him pushing through tough times after each life-endangering snowboard crash. Either way, Shaun White’s backbone is greatly desired in an ideal being.

Thomas Jefferson (backbone 2)

The more intellectually gifted part of our ideal being’s back belongs to Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States. A man like Jefferson is able to get a job done and put his foot down when needed. He knows what to do and when to do it and the backbone supports him as he leads. The backbone of Jefferson is needed in our ideal being to hold up the person and represent a man of character.
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Ryan Reynolds (body)

Ryan Reynolds, the man with the ideal body. A man who has starred and appeared in countless successful movies. From movies such as the Green Lantern to The Proposal to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds never fails to have a shirtless scene or 12. The muscle definition is impeccable and would appear on an ideal being.

Michael Phelps (arms)

With a wingspan of approximately 6 feet 7 inches, there is no denying the terror Michael Phelps causes when getting in the swimming pool. He has 22 olympic medals under his belt and is the most decorated olympian of all time. Who wouldn’t want the arms of a man who has accomplished all of this?

Usain Bolt (legs)

An Olympic Gold Medalist is literally the best you can get when it comes to legs. The power and strength is undeniable. Usain Bolt was able to become the fastest man on the planet and that is all you need for an ideal human leg. Although these are black legs, we do not discriminate when it comes to the best of the best.