Back to Nature

Landscaping & Wildlife Restoration

Spring Turkey Season April 13th- May 18th, Special Youth Day April 6th

Have you ever wanted to see what hunting is all about. Or just don't have the equipment or the right places to go?

Guided Hunts

Spring Gobbler season is coming up and I wanted to give you the opportunity to experience taking a wild turkey. Whether its your property or one of the many locations I have around Virginia I want to take you hunting. I have all the equipment necessary for us to take a bird (gun, some camo, decoys, calls, etc..) I also offer to film your hunt!

About Me

My name is James, owner of Back to Nature Landscaping & Wildlife Restoration. I am very trust worth in the community and have many references. I have over 10 year's of experience In hunting deer and wild turkeys and have taken the hunters safety course. I have taken and taught many of my cousins hunting. I am pursuing a Horticulture Landscape Contracting degree at Virginia Tech. I am up to date on all state hunting and safety regulations.