Coaching Corner

Volume 1 / Issue 5: Tips, Tools and Resources

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Elf Stuck on a Shelf: STEM Zip Line Challenge

Here's another challenge for you! Take pictures and post them using the #TUSDSTEM or @TUSDSTEM.


PBS Kids Zip Line Challenge

TPT: Elf Stuck on a Shelf

Education on Air

This past weekend, Google put on a free day of Professional Development all around the world. Everything is now on demand, so you can watch it and access it at your own time! Here are some of my favorites! They all run about 30 minutes in length.

Improving Writing and Research with G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education and the Maker Mindset for STEM Classes

Assessing 21st Century SKills in a Project-Based Learning Environment

Access the whole conference here.

Google Apps for Education for Little Learners

Here's an awesome resource for primary teachers! These are ideas on how you can incorporate Google Apps with little learners. Check out this Weather Graph!

Hour of Code

This week we celebrate Computer Science with #HourofCode. Tweet all of your students doing the Hour of Code using this hashtag.


Hour of Code Haiku site

CodeSpark Academy for K-3

Tynker for 4-5

Breakout EDU

Keepin' It Real

As hard as December can be to teach because the kids are just so excited, don't forget to pause and enjoy the moments. This time of year goes so fast.