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Norfolk Jr. High

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Feature Story

Why People Should Read?

According to several studies, people should read for a number of reasons. I will explain to you the top 20 reasons of why reading is good for you. First of all, it allows for greater awareness with your senses by experiences that happen in a book. Next, reading allows you to remember information better, it stimulates more creativity, and allows you to be a lifelong learner. Reading also reduces stress levels, improves tests scores, increases stored knowledge within a human brain, and helps you improve your verbal skills. Reading improves critical thinking skills, reasoning skills, and builds confidence in people because you are increasing your self-esteem when you become better at fluency, comprehension and overall knowledge of material. Reading also tends to keep dementia away or slow down the process because you are actively engaging your brain! It also helps with mental health disorders, helps to build relationships between children and parents, it creates better listening skills in people, and also helps people improve their concentration skills. The last few reasons to read includes increasing white matter within the brain, which helps with learning and the language process. Reading increases brain flexibility meaning the organization of ideas. Make sure to pick up a book and start reading, because you never know where it may take you.

Movie Review

The Rookie

Disney's The Rookie
This movie is based on a real-life story of Jimmy Morris. Morris is a high school teacher and baseball coach. When he challenges his team to win districts, he promises them he'll try out for the major leagues. After little support from his family and a severe shoulder injury, Jimmy tries out pitching one more time. Will he make it or not?

I give this movie four stars because of all the suspense and emotion a man and family goes through in fulfilling a dream. A great family show, which is rated G.


Should All Fast Food Restaurants be Ban from Cities?

What would we do without the convenience of fast food? What did they used to do back in the 1900's? I believe fast food restaurants should be ban from cities. Fast food chains should be ban because they add to the obesity epidemic across the nation. They offer portions that are way too large for any "normal" human-being to eat. Many of the meals contain several calories and grams of fat, more than a regular home-cooked meal. Fast food offers convenience, but takes away from the idea of family meal time and the opportunity to talk as a family. Another issue with fast food chains is the lack of training of the employees. Several employees are "caught" outside smoking or they handle money and go to make your food without gloves or washing their hands. This prevents me from wanting to eat at these places. If fast food chains are ban from cities, it would make people appreciate the way generations grew up in the past, and make people more accountable for what they put into their mouths.

Nursery Rhyme

Bad Fall Injures Children

It was reported by a reliable source that late last evening, Jack and Jill Jones both fell down Slippery Hill. The twelve-year-old twins were sent by their mother, Joan, to get a bucket of water. In returning home, Jack fell down, hit his head on a rock and received a slight concussion. Jill tripped over Jack, and upon falling down, received a skinned knee. Jill was in such shock that she screamed for her mother, and when Joan arrived found Jack unconscious. Joan ran back down Slippery Hill to call the paramedics. The two were taken to the Rhyme County Hospital. Jill was treated and released. Jack remains in satisfactory condition and will be released later in the week.
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Survey Says....

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

In conducting a survey of 25 Junior High students and staff these are their favorite ice cream flavors:

Mint Chip- 32%

Chocolate- 32%


Cookie Dough-12%

What APP is That?

Pandora Radio

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Taylor Swift - Love Story
What is your favorite app? A favorite app of mine is Pandora. Pandora is a radio app that allows you to create an account, type in the genre of music you like, and listen to it for free! You can choose music from Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, to AC/DC and The Top 40 list! While listening to a song, you can also click the thumbs up or down button and it will give you more or less of certain types of music you like listening to on the station. Try out Pandora today!

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