Motion Pictures During the 1920's

Silent and Talkie Films

Popularity of silent and talkie films

In October of 1927, the first motion picture with audio was released. It was entitled "The Jazz Singer" and is famous for being the first motion picture with audio. It was brought into the motion picture Hall of Fame later on and is regarded as being the gateway into the "talkie" motion picture era.

Jazz Singer Soundtrack


Hollywood was a very important part of the film industry in the 1920's and remains to this day. California as a whole was ideal for movie making because of the natural scenery as well as multiple cities. There were over 40 studios in Hollywood, so the vast majority of movies came from there.

William Fox

One important person relating to films was William Fox. He was the owner and founder of the Fox Corporation. Originally, Fox was reluctant to switch over to talkie films because of the success silent films had brought him. However, he decided to take a gamble on talkie films and this paid off huge. Fox corporation (now 20th Century Fox) is to this day a huge movie franchise

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Importance of Motion Pictures in the 1920's

Movies provided a new form of revolutionized entertainment to the public and was a big deal in the 1920’s. Both silent and “talkie” films were widely popular and were a huge part of the twenties as a decade.

Impact on America Today

Motion pictures are to this day a favorite pastime of Americans. While they can now view movies in their homes, people are still coming to movies because of the bigger screen and being able to be with their friends and family. Motion pictures have only improved because of the advancements made in the '20's.