"The Ultimate Lettuce Challenge"

By: The Beast Mode Gardeners!

Description of Project

For six weeks we will be facing "The Ultimate Lettuce Challenge". We will be competing against our classmates to see who can grow the ultimate lettuce. Our lettuce will be facing the scorching sun every day. We will have to give the plant everything that it needs without killing them all off. While doing so we have to graph the immaculate growth of our plants.Whoever accomplishes this task will get an awesome limousine ride and a free lunch. So, who will be the ultimate lettuce challenge winner?

How good is our lettuce coming so far?

March 31: We have finally received our lettuce seeds and planted them. We planted them and then we watered them. There is not any lettuce peeking out the ground, but we are sure that their will be.

April 3: It has been 4 days since we have planted these lettuce plants. We still have not seen any leaves sprouting out of the ground, but we do believe our roots are expanding.

April 9: Today we have finally seen some action! We have a lettuce plant that is already at the height of three centimeters that is an Oak Leaf lettuce plant. The other two plants that we have of that kind are zero point two centimeters and zero point one centimeters. The other type of lettuce that we have has two sprouts that are both one centimeters. We hope to see a humongous change in the growth next time that we check the growth.

Lettuce Galore!

How is our lettuce doing now?

April 21: Sadly the plant that was at 3cm is dead, but now we have a type of Simpson lettuce that is 4.5 centimeters. But at least we gained one from losing one. The Simpson lettuce has grown the most over the period of time. The other heights are as followed: 0.2cm,0.1cm,0.1cm,0.1cm,0.1cm,0.1cm,0.3cm,0.3cm,1cm,1.4cm,1cm,and1.1cm. The green Oak leaf lettuce has added a few more sprouts in. The list goes as followed 1 cm, 0.5 cm, and 0.3 cm.

How we will fix the frost problem!

Over the past two weeks, the seventh grade has been growing both Black Seeded Simpson lettuce and the Green Oak Leaf lettuce. They were growing great until we came in contact with an obstacle that was blocking the life of the lettuce. The horrendous obstacle is the terrifying substance, frost! Our group researched the heinous problem and are happy to say that we have found a solution to allow the lettuce to survive. For the lettuce plant to adapt to the frost we will need mulch and water. A two to three inch layer of organic mulch and water will be sufficient. The mulch's job through this process is t regulate soil heat and humidity that will keep the frost away from endangering our lettuce. This solution will also retain the moisture during warmer months. But if you are want to be on the safe side of the objective, you could add a tarp to put over the plants during the night so that the plants still get sunlight. If you use a tarp, it can keep all the heat inside so that your plants do not suffer the freeze. The tarp traps the heat inside and does not allow it to leave the premises of the lettuce garden. Their are many solutions to most problems of the world. And this is one we are willing to fix for the safety of our fellow lettuce plants.