Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Training and Certification (In-Person and On-line Classroom)

Program Information

eXampleCG is pleased to invite you to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training Workshop being held at major Indian metros

What is Six Sigma? - An Overview

Program Objectives

  • To Impart an understanding of advanced Six Sigma methods to drive process and result oriented improvement culture
  • To equip with skills to identify and implement Black Belt level improvement projects and facilitate organizational change for sustainable results

Participant Profile

  • Candidates desirous of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Level qualifications
  • Green Belt Course Completed (Passed) with 3+ years of work experience in any industry

Duration - 5 Days

Assessment - Objective Type Test (Pass Score 75%)

Certification - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Participation and Course Completion Certificate

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Course Outline


  • Organization Purpose, Challenges and imperatives
  • Six Sigma and Business Strategy Alignment
  • Green Belt Review


  • Project Identification (Affinity, IR Diagram and Prioritization Matrix)
  • Gathering VOC and Translating to CTQ (QFD)
  • Project Scoping, Business Case and Project Charter
  • Team Definition, Roles and responsibilities
  • Stakeholder and Risk Analysis (Force Field, T-MAP)
  • Project Planning and management (Gantt Chart/AN Diagram)


  • Detailed Process Mapping (Sphagetti Diagram, VSM)
  • Productivity Metrics (Takt & Touch Time, WIP/WIQ, RTY)
  • Measurement system analysis (MSA) and Gage R&R
  • Probability Distributions – Discrete and Continuous data
  • Sampling Distribution and Central Limit theorem
  • Non-normal data transformation
  • Measuring process performance and capability
  • Measure Phase Review


  • Cause-Effect relationship models
  • Correlation and Regression (Non-Linear/Logistic)
  • Multivariate Data Analysis concepts (PCA/DA)
  • Hypothesis Testing (Mean, Variance, proportions, Non-parametric)
  • Sample Size Estimation (Means and Proportions)
  • Analysis of Variance (one-way and two way)
  • VSM analysis and Benchmarking
  • Analyze Phase Review


  • Design of Experiments Concepts and Planning
  • Full, Fractional Factorial and Orthogonal Array (OA) experiments
  • Pull/Flow technique, Kanban and Quick Changeover
  • Piloting and Implementation Planning (Simulation)
  • Solution Risk identification and mitigation (SWOT, PEST, FMEA)
  • Improve Phase Review


  • Control Chart Design and implementation (Attribute and Variable)
  • Control chart analysis and interpretation
  • 5S, Visual Controls, TPM, Standardization and Mistake proofing
  • Control and Transfer plans
  • Control Phase Review

Assessment and Feedback

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