Sunday Announcements

March 8, 2015


  • Lunch in Letters (see Public Relations)
  • Gymming in Letters (see Health and Wellness)
  • Big Appreciation Day - March 13
  • Formal Chapter - March 15
  • Academic Excellence Member Education Event - March 15 after chapter
  • Hear Me Roar talk - March 16 5:30pm @ Call Auditorium
  • Seniors: St. Patty's Day Lunch - March 17 @ The Nines
  • Seniors and Sophomores: Sake bombing pregame - March 20 @ Miyake
  • Girl Scout Cookie Sale - March 21 12-6pm @ Mann Library and KD House
  • Crush - March 21 9:30pm-12am @ Moonies
  • Appointed Officer Q&A - March 22 12:30 in the chapter room
  • Daggermen Initiation - March 22 1pm at the house
  • Relay for Life - April 10
  • Mili's Dance-a-thon - April 25 7-10pm @ Pixel
  • Formal - April 26 9:30-11pm @ Lakewatch
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th @ Llenroc


  • Fill out points form #9
  • Remind parents to RSVP and include you in the count
  • Apply to be a Rho Gamma by Friday March 13 (see VP Membership announcement)
  • Post a "Throw What You Know" pic
  • Join the Kappa Delta relay for life team here
  • Submit on-site fundraiser ideas during Relay for Life here

PRESIDENT - Tarina DeRito (tmd228)

Hi wonderful humans!

Here's a lovely quote about sisterhood! Remember that your sisters always have your back <3

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Also, here's a blurb from Panhel on our Candidate for SA President:

On behalf of the Panhellenic Executive Board and community, we are proud to endorse Juliana Batista for President of the Student Assembly.

An active philanthropist and sister of Delta Delta Delta, Juliana has spearheaded various initiatives on campus to bring greater voice and opportunities for engagement to students of all constituencies. She tirelessly works to empower women within our Greek community, and ultimately Cornell, through programming and legislative initiatives that tackle prevalent issues such as health and wellness, student financial support, gender inequality, and safety. Notable contributions of hers include the Condom Couture Fashion Show, an HIV/AIDS awareness philanthropy event, the Big Red Shuttle, Breaking the Silence for victims of sexual assault, and supporting Speak About It. For more information about Juliana and her vision for the Student Assembly, please visit

Voting begins March 16th at 8am and ends March 17th at 4pm[].

VP MEMBER EDUCATION - Madeline Ling (mel263)

Big Appreciation Day is this Friday, March 13th! (OoOoooOOooo spooky it's on Friday the 13th) Celebrate your big and lineage with a day of hugs and fun!



VP MEMBERSHIP - Carson Denbow (cld73)

Hi ladies!

Don't forget to apply to be a Rho Gamma!

Applications are due on Friday, March 13, 2015 at 11:59PM. Please also send your current resume to Allegra Terhorst at The application can be found here:

Please contact me with any questions about the application, what will be expected of you as a Rho Gamma, etc. ALSO, please email ME letting me know that you are applying so I can keep track of the number of applications.

Remember, you'll be giving up your letters to help PNMs find theirs <3

Much love in AOT,


VP OPERATIONS - Jen Mandelblatt (jpm367)

Hi lovelies,

A few things to go over:

1. Keep your eyes out for appointed officer applications. They are due April 22nd at 11:59 p.m. but I want to make sure you have plenty of time to ask questions and think it through. This semester, ALL current appointed officers interested in keeping their positions will have to reapply.

2. On Sunday, March 22 at 12:30 I ask that current appointed officers come to the house for appointed officer Q&As. We can meet in the chapter room and I may or may not have some snacks...

3. Remind your parents to RSVP through the google form and to include you in the count.

Love in philanthropy, leadership, academic excellence, social prestige and sisterhood,


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VP COMMUNITY SERVICE - Alex McClellan (ahm236)

Kappa Delta Girl Scouts Event:

  • When: Saturday, March 21st from 12 - 6 PM
  • Where: Kappa Delta & Mann Library
  • What: We get to have fun with the Girl Scouts & help them sell their cookies!!
  • Things to know: PC' 15, you do not have to fulfill the "1 Girl Scout event per year" requirement! Priority for sign-ups should be given to those who haven't done a Girl Scouts event this year, so yeah. Stay tuned for the sign ups.
  • What you can do NOW: Tell your friends :) Talk about it at mixers! Woooooooo

Philanthropy Calendar:

  • April 10th: Relay for Life!
  • April 25th: Mili's Dance-a-thon @ Pixel from 7-10

VP PUBLIC RELATIONS - Maple Chen (mc2225)

Post a "throw what you know" pic on social media some time this week .... feel free to take inspiration from Allee Vito's Kappa Starfish. It can be from a cool place you were at or it can be from RIGHT NOW, #followyourheart

Daggermen Initiation is March 22nd at 1 pm - save the date!! It'll be cool and fun!


Wednesday @ Terrace | Jess Krause (11:30-12:30) and Madeling (12-1:30)

Thursday (this is different from chapter-not Tuesday!) @ Trillium | Laya (11:15-1:15)

Keep an eye out for a Facebook event/cover photos to promote the Girl Scout cookie sales! I'll post in the group when that happens, which will be soon.............. if I can pull my life together

peace, love, aca-bopping,


SECRETARY - Kimmi Schonhorst (kns46)

Fill out points form #9, and remember the points distribution can be found here.

PANHELLENIC DELEGATE - Josselyn Tsai (jt566)

Our first mandatory Panhellenic event is a "Hear Me Roar" talk next Monday, March 16th, at 5:30pm in Call Auditorium for Women's Wellness Week. AOT group O is assigned to go, which is under Jen Mandelblatt! If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement, otherwise you will lose points.

AOT Groups:


Parliamentarian - Anca Dogaroiu


Hi everybody, I'm not sure if PC '15 has ever been given these guidelines but I just wanted to put in a quick reminder for everyone!

KD Casual: Jeans are okay and encouraged as long as they are not ripped. You can wear KD t-shirts and tank tops, but for the latter bring a cardigan to put on top. If you overheat in chapter, you can always take it off but shoulders should be covered. KD quarter zips are also fine. You can wear leggings if the top you are wearing covers your butt (completely). For girls in the house: slippers or bare feet are not appropriate, please wear shoes. Lastly, no workout attire.

Formal Chapter: Absolutely no denim or leggings unless your leggings are your tights. In terms of shoes, no Uggs/snow boots, I know it's very cold but just take the extra 30 seconds to toss a pair of flats into your bag. And if you have one, don't forget your pin! (If you've lost yours you can order another one here:

For the first time you're dressed inappropriately you will receive a written first offense via email. The second time you will be asked to leave chapter and get an unexcused, which would be a super sad time so please take warnings seriously.

Relay for Life - Laura Fletcher

Hi friends!

Thank you so much to everyone who already signed up for Relay and for those of you that did it today after chapter!

Relay for Life is Cornell's (and the world's) biggest philanthropy event. Its mission is to celebrate those who have won their battle against cancer, remember those who have not, and fight back against the disease.

Relay for Life events provide funds that drive patients to treatment when they are unable to drive themselves, buy women wigs when they lose their hair during chemotherapy, provide free lodging near hospitals around the country for families traveling for care, and lead worldwide campaigns to end dangerous cancer-risk activities like smoking. On top of that, research funded by American Cancer Society events has been responsible for every major cancer breakthrough in history (including cancer's relationship to smoking and obesity). And this year, KD is going to be a big part of it!

How can you get involved as a KD?

1. Sign up for our team here! It takes like 1 minute when you register with Facebook. Any questions, let me know!

2. Submit on-site fundraising ideas for us to do at the event here! (some people do bake sales, carnival games, face-painting, bracelet making, etc.)

We're even gonna have shirts woo!! More information on that soon.



Girl Scouts - Miranda Deane

Hey guys!

I am going to be out of town for a wedding next week! But I will send out a detailed email later about the Girl Scout event and Alex will talk about it in chapter! I am meeting with the Girl Scout Committee this week and talking to our adult correspondent about the amount of Girl Scouts that will be there so I know what to plan for the amount of KDs and time commitments!

Right now I am thinking we will have 3-4 KDs at each place doing 1-2 hour shifts depending on what Melanie says. If you are an older sister (not in PC 15) that still has to do you Girl Scout event for the year you get priority to work this! And if you don’t work this event you have to work the event on May 2nd! PC 15 you do not have to do a Girl Scout event but you are of course encouraged to help out.

Look out for my email with the details and sign up sheet next week! And GET EXCITED!! You can ALL help out by spreading the word and telling all your friends to come buy cookies.


Miranda Deane

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Academic Excellence - Alexis Cousins

Hey everybody! Just letting you know that we will have our member education event for the semester after next week's chapter.

Get pumped to hear about how academically awesome our sisters are!



Health and Wellness - Sarah Lam, Olivia Roche, and Taylor Coutts

Hi Everyone!

Good job with GYMMING IN LETTERS last week! It was so fun seeing all these pictures of KDs being healthy and having fun. If you participated please email your picture to Sarah Lam (sl772) to get your point!

This week, we will be having:

Spinning on Monday morning - 7:30AM (Olivia)

Pilates on Wednesday and Friday afternoon - 12:15PM (Slam)

Gymming at Helen Newman Everyday at 9:30PM (Taylor)

Come out with us and relieve some stress during prelims (and maybe get the chance to win a prize)! :)


Hello lovely ladies!

My name is Britt Jaso (you may remember me from rush week as the girl with poems and haikus). I was a member of PC ’10 and a set leader when the current seniors were new members. I live in the DC area, work at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and am wondering if any of you seniors who have jobs in DC would be interested in living with me! If you’re interested please feel free to shoot me an e-mail (, send me a Facebook message, or text me: 203-996-8909. Cherish those digits; I don’t give them out freely.