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Clarisonic Brush Heads – Unclog Pores and Drive Out Excess Oil

Clarisonic Brush Heads are a high-quality vibrating brush for advanced skin care. It can be used for cleaning, exfoliating, massaging, and a number of other uses. Primarily designed to be used on the face, some brush heads can also be used for pedicures and elsewhere on the body. It is expertly designed with advanced technology to go easy on the skin while delivering the best results. This brush is operated by a battery and can be recharged easily. It also comes in many shapes and sizes with interchangeable brush heads. It has super soft heads for tender skin and harder, unique bristles for scrubbing heels. All the brush heads have a smooth finish for a gentle and comfortable cleansing routine.

This brush is suitable for all skin types. It doesn’t irritate or cause friction on your skin. For large pores, it helps in removing dirt, debris and sebum that removes clogging, thereby preventing acne, blackheads, and blemishes. It also lifts away dead cells and firms your skin for a smooth and younger looking face.

Clarisonic brush is easy to use, portable and can be easily carried around in a handbag. It comes as different brush and head combinations depending on your skin and skin conditions. Their acne cleansing brush head comes in velvety bristles that are extremely gentle. They are still very effective at cleansing and cleaning the pores. The deep pore cleansing brush is designed for thick, oily skin. No matter what the skin type or condition, these different brush heads are safe and gentle on the skin. It removes all impurities from the skin and tightens the pores. The brush simulates a back and forth movement to reach the toughest areas for an effective result. Clarisonic brushes do not cause any side effect nor does it damage your skin.

After using the Clarisonic brush, your skin is primed to absorb other beneficial chemicals and nutrients. Studies have shown that after a Clarisonic cleansing, the skin has the ability to absorb up to 61% more vitamin C. It helps in planning an effective skin care regimen as it is able to absorb nutrients, moisturizers, and other beneficial components in other skin care products.

For a clean and fresh skin, it is advised to replace your brush head every 3 months. Also, once a week, you should gently clean it with soap and water to keep it working at its peak performance. It is also important to clean the base of the machine with a sanitizing soap and water to help prevent buildup of unwanted fungi or bacteria. To get an effective result with unclogged pores, use the Clarisonic brush along with the cleanser and the mask to detoxify your skin.

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