NMS 8th Grade


April Students of the Month

This year, Nelson Middle School teachers began selecting Students of the Month in an effort to recognized students who have excelled in the following areas: Pride, Academic Excellence, and Preparedness.

This month's 8th graders who have earned this honor are:

  • Madison A.--Pride
  • Hunter S.--Academic Excellence
  • Christina F.--Preparedness


Costa Rica

A group of students and two teachers from Nelson Middle School spent Spring Break on a fantastic adventure. During my amazing experience in Costa Rica, I saw many more things than normal. While I was there, I flew through the tropical rainforests and went horseback riding on some of the steepest hills of Costa Rica. I also went on a three-mile nature walk and saw the face of a sloth. At the middle of the trip I got an amazing picture of a white-faced monkey.

All of the hotels we stayed in were rated five stars. In one of the hotels, I came upon a scorpion and a wolf spider with babies crawling in my room. My roommate and I were both frightened. We also had tiny little ants crawling in our beds, so we were scared to even go to sleep. The trip was so much fun even though it had to end so soon. I had the time of my life with my mom and my friends on this trip!

--by Kendreck B.

Algebra 1

In Algebra, we are learning about quadratic equations. So far, we have learned how to graph them, find the vertex, and to find the axis of symmetry. In class, when we have extra time, we work on our homework and finish IXL assignments. Our teacher, Mrs. Price, always helps us with things we don’t understand. Next year we will move on to Geometry Honors, Geometry, or Geometry in parts.

In Mrs. Price's Algebra classes, if you have any trouble she is available for tutoring after school or at lunch, and in her first period class, she offers remediation. I stay after with her at least one day after school for tutoring where we play Kahoot, work on IXL’s, and do homework. When you are in Algebra, you will have to pay attention, ask questions, and study very much.

--by Olivia V., Melissa T., and Kaitlyn C.

Art I

We have been doing many new things this year in Mrs. Davis’s class. The eighth graders have been doing many art project’. We have done zentangle, pointillism, fish print, carving, papier mache, a clay weaving project, collage, and kente cloth. This year in Mrs. Davis’s class has been new and exciting, and it has also helped us to become better artists. Right now, we are making self portraits.

--by Fanny P.


Eighth grade Civics is taught by Ms. Rauss and Ms.Armstrong. In each Civics class, we are doing different things.

Mrs. Armstrong’s students are making board games to help them study for the SOL test. Meanwhile, in Mrs. Rauss’s class we are studying our packets and our flow chart. Throughout the year we’ve been over the most basic stuff, from which government branches do what jobs, to the specifics of the judicial branch, and to the basic structure of the economy.

Mrs. Armstrong goes over notes and then we do a fun review game to see what we learned. In Mrs. Rauss’s, we go over notes and do packets, but sometimes we play a jeopardy-like game which is fun. When we play jeopardy the team that wins gets their choice of a Jolly Rancher or a piece of chocolate. All of this helps us prepare for the SOL, and it also educates us on how to be good citizens.

--by Noah H. and Jack C.

Earth Science

Science is never ending! Earth Science is obviously mainly based around Earth. Currently we are learning about astronomy. We’ve learned about geology, meteorology, and oceanography. In astronomy, we are discovering the life cycle of a star. Our class recently did a project of all the planets in our solar system. It has been very enjoyable in this class. I hope to learn more intriguing information in Earth Science.

--by Ellie J.

Fashion Show

The 8th grade Living On Your Own classes will be hosting a fashion show during the FFA/FCCLA banquet. This show helps with many sewing and performing skills you’ll probably need for future life. Although the class is mostly girls, it’s a good opportunity to learn many different skills. This sewing project is challenging, yet enjoyable. We are creating fashions from previous decades. Some of the projects are skirts, dresses, shirts, and even a purse!

--by Jasmyn G. and Kenya G.


We have done four projects so far this year in Shop. The first project we did was making a step stool. The second project was the Christmas door decorating contest. We made wreaths and big candy canes to decorate the door. Our third project was the finance project. We had to act like we were adults and make our yearly budget. The fourth project was sanding down old tables and painting them for Ms. Kitts. Throughout the year so far we have learned about trees, animals, and welding/building with wood. We have learned many new skills we can use in future life.

Currently, in shop we are reciting the FFA Creed. Reciting the Creed has taught us the respect of former farmers. Once we finish reciting the Creed, we are going to take welding tests. Then we get to weld the rest of the year. Miss Goff is a great teacher and has taught us so much this year.

--by Hunter B.