Tyler's Tech Tips

Issue # 5 - February 2016

QR Code and Short URL Generator

The last tip I want to share is another tool from the Classtools.net site. It is called the Short URL/QR/Citation Bookmarklet, and it does all that it says with the click on one button. Plus, this tool will also give you the option to download a PDF file of all of these things neatly laid out for you.

So how does this work? Here are a list of steps to help you out.

  1. Start by going to the Short URL/QR/Citation site by clicking here.
  2. Take the pink button on the page and drag it up to your bookmark bar. If you are using Chrome and can't find the bookmark bar, watch this 10 second video clip.
  3. Now when you want to make a short URL, QR Code, Citation, or PDF of all of these, just click on the bookmark you just made on any webpage that you want to convert. Just like magic, it all appears for you. Have fun and easy generating!