Library Update

May 2021

Library Survey

With all the changes COVID brought to our typical library procedures, I wanted to get an idea of how students were feeling about library services this year. So far, I only have one day of responses, but I was heartened to see the positive comments students are leaving. I appreciate all feedback, because even problems can lead to positive change. I wanted to share with you some of the things our students have noticed this year.

From an 8th grader, "The staff in the library is doing their best to keep things going smoothly through Covid."

A 7th grader, "I love the variety of books."

A 6th grader had this to say, "I really like that the librarians are so passionate about their work! I can tell that you and Mrs. Ostman quite enjoy reading books. I also like to read books, and I'm glad I made some great finds in this library. I'm excited for my ELA class to come back on Friday."

This only a small sample size, but 97% of our students read a book they enjoyed this year and 79% of those books came from the school library. That makes me very happy!

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SORA - Siouxland Library & Summer Reading

Siouxland has now made their SORA collection available to SFSD students. To access their collection, students will need to add the Siouxland Library as a new library -- I created a video to help with this. Directions are in two formats: video OR slideshow.

We know that students that don't read over the summer lose some of their reading skills. We also know that some students aren't able to get to a Siouxland Library to check out books. That is where ebooks can be very helpful. We have three online platforms for students to use: SORA, MackinVIA, and JLG. All of these can be accessed through Classlink.

Each summer, SORA adds some titles to our collection which can be read by multiple students at the same time. That's a very nice feature! (This only applies in the summer, and only to those titles.)

This is the list of books students in middle school will have access to starting on May 5.
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JLG - new platform for ebooks & audiobooks

I have purchased a new online platform for ebooks and audiobooks. It's in Classlink and it's called JLG. This online resource is a bit different from our other platforms (SORA and MackinVIA) in that multiple students can read/listen to a particular book at the same time. It's also a revolving collection. Books will come and go, with most books being available for 2-3 months at a time, so quite often there are new ones appearing and old ones disappearing. This will be another great resource for students to use in the summer.

Fourth Quarter BINGO

Students have been enjoying the quarterly BINGO. Can you believe it's 4th Quarter already?! Me neither! This is the final BINGO sheet of the school year. The deadline is a bit earlier this quarter because I need time to get kids their prizes before the last day of school.

If your student didn't get a BINGO sheet and is interested, please have them swing by the library, OR here's the link to print your own.