Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

March has arrived and we have merrily begun our study of Dr. Seuss. With their colorful and whimsical illustrations and rhyming words, Dr. Seuss books are a tremendous draw for children of this age. We are spending plenty of time on all kinds of activities related to rhyming, including Rhyming Hullabaloo in which children jump, roll, crawl or hop from one rhyming word to the next.

On Monday we read "Bartholomew And The Oobleck" and then made our own oobleck. Oobleck has the unusual quality of being both a liquid and a solid. On top of that, it's really fun to play with! In addition, we sang our way through the story "A Hunting We Will Go" and then each child created their own silly rhyming page for a class book.

During math we read a story called " How Much is a Foot?" The children measured their own feet and "made" beds using their feet to measure. Wait. What? Why are our beds all different sizes? This discovery led to a lively conversation about the value of having standard units of measurement.

Word From Our School Counselor

This week Mrs. Huntley, our new School Counselor, did an activity with students that focused on being effective listeners. The children met and named "Ruff Ruff," a stuffed dog who sometimes needs reminders about how to best listen, and the children helped teach Ruff Ruff four Listening Rules.

Conversation Starters

* How is it that the beds you measured ended up being all different sizes?

* Tell about one Dr. Seuss book you read this week?

* What is another name for a penny?

Fun Things To Do At Home

* Read the poem of the week.

* Enjoy a Dr. Seuss book together

* Practice reciting the months of the year and the days of the week.

Poem of the Week

Today You are You

Today you are you.

That is truer than true

There is no one alive

who is Youer than you!

Dr. Seuss


On Wednesday March 18th Kindergarten will be celebrating "Wacky Wednesday." In the past children have enjoyed wearing their clothes inside out or backwards and/or wearing miss matched shoes and socks. We all look forward to a fun and wacky day.

Please keep the following in mind:

- Your child can be creative but safe shoes and appropriate clothes are necessary for outside time and PE.

- It would be best not to send your child in tights, because one art activity involves the children using their bare feet.

Thank you!