All about me

The good, The bad, and the ingorant

My experiences

my elementary school life was fun for me. My teachers would completely disagree i would flip desk and do stuff just to make the kids laugh and piss off the teachers.

In middle school puberty hit and i was a strange awkward kid that only had a few friends. i was socially awkward and quit. i felt like i needed a place to fit in and i finally found it with a bunch of trouble boys who got in trouble then i got under probation

Last year was a major year in my life i got out of a group home called bunkerhill and i changed my way of viewing life

My interest

im very musical talented so ive been told. i play a ukulele, sing and rap. and i write my own songs and it feels amazing i hope to make a career out of it one day im going to give you a link to my first youtube video and i hope you like it
Cheatercheaterbestfriendeater Cover REDO :)

My inspirations and life motives

my inspirations are music artist that had it hard in life but still made it with a music career. they show me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and.what motives me is my rebellious nature, Now your most likely think yeah he going to everything people don't want him to do. but thats exactly it! some people dont think i cant make it but im going to prove them wrong, that im not a "complete" fuck up. and thats what drives me
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