A land Of Free Cookies

Our Hotel

Our hotel was very nice it even had a pool. The rooms were in a square shape with a pool and a courtyard in the middle also the hotel was 2 story. One other thing is the made 4 fresh pans of cooks every hour of Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip,White Chocolate chip and Peanut-butter.
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The Water!

Our hotel was right a crossed the street from one of California larges beeches. Me and my cousin Hadley had routine we would go to the Ocean then the pool after we would rinses of in the shower and go get a cookie we did the 3-4 times a day.


Our room was very nice it had 2 bed rooms a grate size kitchen and a very nice living room and there was a very nice bath room with a big shower. Also we were walking distance from a ton of restaurants and shops.
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The Wild Life

When I was there me and my cousin were so lucky to see so much wild life right at the beach!! saw a seal, some dolphins, 3 cranes, some lizards and some tiny cranes like 100 of them!

Low Tide

We were vary luck when we were in California because there was as far low tide so lots of birds came down to eat the fish that did not go in with the tide. It was in so far that were the water started was like 12 feet if it was not a low tide!!
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Northern California Wildlife