what is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion developed by Siddhartha Gotama, who was born around 566 before century in Lumbini, in modern-day Nepal. After living a life of privilege, then giving it up for a life of asceticism, Siddhartha became enlightened, or awakened, to the idea that the only way to escape suffering in life is through practicing deliberate non-attachment. Today, that initial meditation has led to the practice of Buddhism in about six percent of the world’s population. Buddha’s awakening evolved into the teachings of the Four Noble Truths, and the Noble Eightfold Path,most believe in the Truths and the Path as the way to receive Nirvana, a state of bliss on earth.


  1. The first truth is that life is composed of suffering, physical and mental.
  2. The second, is that we have pain on earth because we are attached to the world or despise the world. Constantly wanting more, we will continue to suffer more.
  3. The third truth is that true happiness is possible on earth, depending upon the degree to which we can detach ourselves from wanting worldly things. If we give up “wanting,” we can attain Nirvana.
  4. The fourth truth is that the Noble Eightfold path is the path toward achieving this detachment and thus attaining Nirvana.

Buddhism Eightfold Path

  • Right understanding: Understanding that the Four Noble Truths are noble and true.

  • Right thought: Determining and resolving to practice Buddhist faith.

  • Right speech: Avoiding slander, gossip, lying, and all forms of untrue and abusive speech.

  • Right conduct: Adhering to the idea of nonviolence (ahimsa), as well as refraining from any form of stealing or sexual impropriety.

  • Right means of making a living: Not slaughtering animals or working at jobs that force you to violate others.

  • Right mental attitude or effort: Avoiding negative thoughts and emotions, such as anger and jealousy.

  • Right mindfulness: Having a clear sense of one’s mental state and bodily health and feelings.

  • Right concentration: Using meditation to reach the highest level of enlightenment.

In search of happiness, we can learn and educate ourselfs by learning from other cultures.

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