Joseph Frank ¨Buster¨ Keaton

Director, Writer, Comedian, Silent Film Legend.

About Buster!

Joseph Frank Keaton IV, was born on October 4, 1895 in Piqua, Kansas. His parents, Joseph Frank Hallie Keaton and Myra Edith Keaton, were veteran vaudeville performers. Buster was performing by the age of three. J.F.B.K. earned his nickname, Buster, when he was 18 months old and fell down a flight of stairs. Legend has it that magician, Harry Houdini, scooped up the infant and turned to Joe and Myra and exclaimed "that was a real buster!¨

In 1920, Keaton wrote, directed and sometimes starred in 6 films. Buster soon became a sort of Hollywood legend. He developed into a widely known stunt devil for himself, and his lack of injuries while doing so. His career reached a peak in the mid1920s, and he earned the same celebrity attention as the famous silent film star, Charlie Chaplin. Joseph Keaton signed with MGM which was later announced as one of his biggest mistakes. It was known as a blunder because MGM ended up gaining control of some of Keaton´s films. His life went downhill from there. Buster´s marriage quickly was ripped from the seams and fell apart due to problems with alcoholism and depression. Sound films, called talkies, forced him out of the game Joseph Frank ¨Buster¨ Keaton, made the biggest comeback of all time with his film, Sunset Boulevard (1950). He was a father of two sons, inspiration, and all time legend. Keaton was considered a groundbreaking comedians of the early film era.

Sunset Boulevard

Thursday, Aug. 10th 1950 at 9pm

1260 Ave of the Americas

New York, NY

Biggest comeback movie ever!!

Largely Impacted The 1920s Decade

Buster impacted the 1920s decade by bringing about his comedies and deliever happiness and laughter to the audience. This was important becuase the 1920s was stressful because of racial tension, The KKK, Prohibition, etc. With Keaton´s films, the joy he brought to the audience made them forget about everything that was happening around them.


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