Whole30 Tips

Ideas from Darby to help you through the Whole30.

Excerpt from a texting conversation I had with Darby.

Link from a lady who did the whole30 and recorded her meals and recipes.


Search Whole30 Bwood. I made this goal for us in brownwood to accomplish.

The Tips

1. Make a breakfast cassarole to eat off of the whole week. Saves you tons of time and is easy to break into when you get hungry. Ours was eggs, spinach, sausage, onion, mushrooms, garlic, and tomato.

2. Mixed nuts and fruit are good to go fast snacks. Almond butter and apples was a frequent sweet or dessert we snacked on.

3. When you cook. Cook extra to spread across a couple meals. Squash, cabbage, and frozen mixed greens are your friends.

4. Also if you boil and shred a bunch of chicken breast. Or grill and slice. You can have quick protein to throw on top of any veggie for a quick meal.

5. Fruit/spinach Smoothies with almond or coconut milk are tasty meal replacements.

6. We just have a bunch of salad stuff at work to throw lunch together every day.

7. When you get hungry and want to snack. Just knock back a ton of water. Seriously chug. Then wait a while before you hit the munchies.

8. Just put salsa and avocado on top of everything. :) hahaha