Rebecca Soni

By: Lacy Geurts


Bring! Bring! "Rebecca Soni takes 1st, Missy Franklin takes 2nd and Dana Volmer takes 3rd! What an amazing race!" Have you ever heard an announcer say that? Well, for those of you who haven't I'll tell you about someone who's career depends on it!

All about Rebecca Soni

Background Info

Rebecca Soni was born March 13 1987 in Plainsboro, New Jersey! (So that makes her 26!) Her parents were immigrants from Hungary! And not only is Rebecca Hungarian, but she can speak Hungarian fluently! Isn't that cool! Some of her hobbies are: Hiking, Yoga, Reading, Cooking and Biking! As you can see, she not is only a swimmer, but has a ton of other hobbies!

Famous for.........

Rebecca Soni is known for swimming because she not only is a breastroke specialist and one of the strongest swimmers ever, but is a 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist That's a lot!!!!! Also, she holds the record for the 100 meter breaststroke and many more!

Some Interesting Facts about Rebecca Soni

Soni had to go under a surgical procedere because of an irregular heart beat. Poor her! :( Rebecca Soni only did swim because her older sister taught a swim club. She wanted to do gymnastics. And just think, she might have never became the famous swimmer she is now! Since 2007 Dave Salo has been her swim coach. She is dating Ricky Berens who is also a famous swimmer!


Now that you know about Rebecca Soni, maybe you'll watch her on the summer Olympics!

About the author

Hi, my name is Lacy Geurts! I chose to do Rebecca Soni because I am a Swimmer myself. I enjoy other things like soccer, cooking, biking, gardening and hiking! I live with my awesome bro, a.k.a. Mason, Mom and Dad. My favorite color is green and I love quesadilla's and chocolate cupcakes! Now you know a little about me!